Saturday 10 January 2009

We need a new Hanif Bhamjee

Among the most effective tactics the anti-apartheid movement used against the racist South African regime back in the 70s and 80s was the boycott, whether of sporting events, cultural links or goods.

Here in Wales, the tireless campaigning of Hanif Bhamjee - an exiled South African - led to A-A becoming one of the most prominent political movements of the time.

The ongoing Israeli assault on the right of Palestinians not only to their homeland but to exist means we need a similar solidarity movement that stops treating Israel like a normal state. Israel should be shunned in sporting and cultural arenas and its goods boycotted. The UK accounts for half Israel's fruit and veg exports, so we're uniquely placed to make an impact on Israel's economy.

Many fresh herbs and out-of-season (for us) fruit and vegetables are Israeli. Don't buy them. Check the labels to see if they say "Israel" or "West bank" - the latter are produced on illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank not by Palestinians.

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